About Me

At 9 years old, I remember sitting in my room with a blank notebook that I had received as a gift.  My mother’s cousin had gifted me the notebook and in it left a message inspiring me to be creative.   Months later, the first half of the notebook was rich with my writings.  I wrote quotes and short narratives– even included chapter separations…

In fifth grade, I wrote a poem with Veteran’s Day as the theme.  To my surprise, the piece was selected to be read aloud by me in front of most of Summit, New Jersey’s locals and students.  In that very moment, when I was able to be on stage and share my writing with the crowd, writing changed for me.  It became a part of my identity, publicly and forever.

Today, I work full time and I am in a master’s program.  When I am not at work or home studying, I am somewhere writing, or at the very least, dreaming of my next piece.  They say we make time for the things we love the most and that is what I do– I make time for writing.

I hope my blog can inspire you.  At the end of the day, I have a lot to say, but it’s not what say that matters, it’s what you hear and make of it…



Thanks for reading,

Sophie ❤


For more inspiration, follow @WhatSophieSaid on Twitter and @WhatDoesSophieSay on Instagram!


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