What I Learned on Being Thankful

Thankful– this is how I have been feeling this week…the word that adorns most Thanksgiving messages and art.  How can I transform these thankful thoughts into meaningful actions?  How can the word transcend its meaning?

From what I have learned, here are a few ways that can empower one with the true meaning of being thankful:

    1. Acts of Kindness

Show your thanks by not only being kind to those who merit it, but pay it forward.  Share your positivity with the world.  Whether it is buying your colleague lunch or showing appreciation for your friend’s work, let your kindness radiate and touch hearts.

     2. Give Back

One way to give back to a world that has given you so much is to return the gift of giving: give back.  Whether is done as a thank you to God or the world that embraces you, giving back speaks for itself.

    3. Say Thank You

Words can be powerful.  Use your words wisely and give meaning to the conversations you have.  A simple ‘thank you’ can uplift a person, making them feel appreciated by not leaving their efforts unnoticed.


I am thankful for you reading this today…thank you for taking the time to listen…



Author: Sophie

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