Motivational Monday: Talk Less, Say More

Actions, they speak louder than words, don’t they? If so, then we should all start living with the more doing, less saying mentality. The first thing that you’ll learn when you actually step away from a passive lifestyle is that you’re simply getting more things done. Instead of thinking and dreaming about what could be, you’ll be making it what it should be.

Some people could have great rhetoric, good ideas and amazing ways of presenting them. Their ideas could be reassuring and pleasing to hear in the short-term. But, do those same people follow through with their promises, their plans?

The key to being more active is transitioning from saying you will do something and actually doing it. Although that sounds difficult, it’s simply about becoming more active and less passive—less talking and letting your actions speak for themselves. Talk less, do more, and let your success and accomplishments do the talking.




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This is  a repost.  Post originally posted in 2016.

Author: Sophie

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