Motivational Monday: 3 Ways to Refresh Your Mind

Spring is here, bringing with it warmer weather, fresh flowers, allergies, and more.  This time of the year can serve as a reminder.  During springtime, we see the renewal of life in lush green pastures and colorful flowerbeds.  And so we can become inspired and know we that don’t have to wait until next year to renew ourselves.  Why not start now?

1. Take some alone time

If prayer is your way of meditating, do so.  Set apart some time in your day for a “conversation” with yourself.  Some people prefer the comfort of their bedrooms, while others would rather fully immersing themselves in nature on a walk through a park.  Whatever your comfortable solitude means, find it and use it   to reflect on your state of mind.  Are you happy?  Genuinely?  Is something tormenting you?  What is it?


2. Question your surrounding

Oftentimes when we face adversities, they are beyond our control.  But who we choose to surround ourselves with and where we spend our energy and time is important.  Our environments determine the choices we make, which in turn dictates the actions we take and outcomes.  Is there some place you should be spending more time than others?


3. Give yourself second chances

Part of refreshing your mind is taking the time to let go of our setbacks.  We let go in order to try again.  If you are running a race and you suddenly trip and fall, if given the option to stand again, would you?  Prepare yourself to.  It’s okay to fall and fail.  From the ground, there is only one way up.




Author: Sophie

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