A Day in DC

On a more serious note today, I decided to combine two things I am passionate about: international development and writing.  This week, through this post, I am sharing with you part of my experience attending the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s 2018 Spring Meetings in Washington DC.

What is international development?

Think of it as a process. International development is a process, which renders a country self-sustainable for the future. By means of development, countries can grow their economies and improve the quality of life of their citizens by not compromising resources or opportunities for future generations.

What is the World Bank?  What is the IMF?

The World Bank finances ans project manages development projects around the world. On the other hand, the IMF provides loans to indebted countries.

Why is this important?

Besides the fact that I am an advocate for international development, I also think their are reasons beyond my passion that validate the topic as an important one. Here are a few themes that international development encompasses:

– Equality

-Economic Freedom


Thanks for indulging in this subject with me and allowing me to share a little bit about my interest in international development with you!



Author: Sophie

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