Motivational Monday: Know Yourself, Know Your Value

Everyday, who we really are is being tested by the people and situations encounter. If we do not succeed in these trials, we can veer away from our journey and miss our calling in life. How can we win these daily battles we face and protect our identity, our mission?

First, it starts with knowing yourself. When we know ourselves, we know our worth. When life challenges who we are, we know our value. So we can stand firm in the face of those who see us for what we or not. We can conquer difficulty with our discovered confidence.

There is so much freedom in knowing who you are.

You can be yourself without shame or guilt. You can free yourself from others’ expectations of you, of the things that used to trouble you.Recently, a friend of mine showed me the personality test. Since taking it, reading my results is one of the ways I’ve been getting to know myself. I recommend it as a good starting point for those of you who truly want to understand who you are, why you do the things that you do, and how you can maximize your value. I say, why not? Give it a try…




Author: Sophie

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