Motivational Monday: What Do You See?

Today’s Motivational Monday (MM) post is about opening our eyes, embracing the beauty that is life around us.

I’m going to honest with you– I was not always the positive, open-minded writer I strive to be on this blog.  Actually, I was perhaps the opposite.  As soon as I shifted my thinking and started appreciating life and all of the little things that make it special, my whole outlook and attitude changed.

When a new day starts, and it happens to be dreary and rainy, what do you see?  Do you see the grayness all around, dragging your day down?  Or do you see the pavement, slick with cold water, a natural mirror coating the asphalt?  It’s easier to see the former; harder to see the latter.

For me, adjusting what I see and experience to make the most out of my day is a daily challenge.  For every single reason to smile, trust me, there is a reason not to.  That is life.  What is precious is that we can choose how we react to life, we can change how we approach it and set our minds to change how we feel.

  We can make the most out of what we see.


Author: Sophie

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