3 Self-Love Tips

If you want to love yourself, this one’s for you:

Give yourself a mental compliment

So you like the way that new shirt you bought looks or all the hard work you did this week makes you happy?  Take the time to appreciate your efforts.  Don’t be too carried away and stay humble in doing so.  Acknowledge the hard work of others while keeping in mind your journey.

Treat yourself

Don’t wait for someone to bring you happiness.  Create it for yourself.  Treat yourself.  Be the reason you are happy and feel accomplished today.

Forgive yourself

If this week was not your week, guess what?  Tomorrow is a new day.  Understand that imperfection and failings creates room for us to appreciate our successes.  If you are able to get over your pains and what led to them, then everyone will start seeing you for the good that you do and the amazing person you are.


Author: Sophie

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