Motivational Monday: Stimulate Your Passion

This week I find myself turning to someone whose passion I truly admire: my sister.  While society usually teaches us that the younger sibling has much to learn from their older siblings, Arielle is an exception to that.  She is my younger sister and her passion for life and the things she finds fond is remarkable– exemplary, and she has set the stage for me to follow.

Arielle has a passion for creating art: finding beauty in everything.  I imagine looking at life  through her eyes, seeing the world as a canvas and endless possibilities for beauty.  And what is it that she does with her passion?  She stimulates it, keeps it alive by feeding what moves her.

In her journey for creating art, Arielle has launched an online visual platform on Instagram @ariellesushi.  To manage this page (and stimulate her passion), she:

  1. Finds beauty in the ordinary and snaps pictures of her surroundings– literally anything, a jar of coffee? Beauty.
  2. Plans and organizes her posts to be visually appealing to her audience– what is remarkable about her posts is that, they make you feel (to my opinion, as art should)
  3. Continues to learn from others in the blogging world to improve her techniques– she spends much of her time appreciating the talent of others who also create

What Arielle has done is simple but requires action. Recognizing what can bring a jolt of energy and vigor to your life is one thing.  Bringing that passion to life and keeping it alive is the not-so-easy part.  So what can you do about that?  Well, here are some questions you can ask yourself to start moving forward:

-Do you find yourself living a monotone life or a life that is subpar your personal goals?

-Is there something that drives you, that moves you and changes the way you see the world?

-Once identified, how can stimulating your passion change the course of your life through changes in your everyday life?

I hope you’re able to find what drives you and bring your passions to life!

Want more on pursuing your passion?  Read this older post here.



Check out Arielle’s blog here!


Author: Sophie

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