MM: Dream Out Loud

Dear reader,

The post below is a re-post. Today, as we reflect on the dream of Martin Luther King Jr., I am sharing this piece about dreams:

I like to talk about dreams…a lot.  That’s because I believe in ambition, drive, and purpose. Most importantly, I think that thoughts turned into actions are empowering!  Here are 2 things about dreaming out loud:

  • Dream in Color

Well, here’s the truth: the world is not black and white.  I am sure you have heard that before, but in what context?  In this case, I mean to say that you should not limit your dreams to two outputs.  Life is a spectrum and there isn’t just a “good” dream or a “bad” dream.  There is a “realistic” dream, a “far-fetched” dream, and even a “tomorrow, soon-to-come” dream.  Get out of the basic, two-sided mentality that forces us to choose left or right, up or down, and yes or no.  Be creative with your dreams for they should be multidimensional, colorful, and vivid!

  • Dream Out Loud

Dream it, think about it daily, talk about it tirelessly and work for it fervently!  Dreaming out loud– to me– is all about talking your plans into action.  Start self-motivated by reassuring confidence in yourself.  In order to do so, start your thoughts with “I will do ______” or “Tomorrow, my goal is to ______.”  Got it? Good, now transfer those thoughts into vocal devices of motivation.  Speak your dreams into existence and all will be just fine if not BETTER!

Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru

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