Motivational Monday: Stay Exploring

As I sit here in Lima, Peru, I am overjoyed that I have taken the first step in fulfilling one New Year’s resolution: to explore more. And guess what? You don’t need a plane ticket or a trip to a foreign city to call yourself an explorer. Become an explorer, each and everyday in small but meaningful ways:

1. Explore your talents— have you tried painting? Cooking? Running? Have you really tried though?

2. Explore your city— become a tourist in your current town and discover all of the best local spots while helping out the local economy

3. Explore outside of your comfort zone— easier said than done, but if it means travelling abroad, learning another language, or changing a daily routine…anything outside of the ordinary, give it a try?

Beautiful Larcomar in Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Happy New Year! Stay exploring…


Author: Sophie

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2 thoughts

  1. Great post ! Great spirit to start a New year- be opened to discover new things , leave your confort zone, take smart calculated risks.
    “Calculated risks make the difference between an ordinary life and an extraordinary life”

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