Motivational Monday: Listen to Yourself

We read self-help books, follow inspirational Instagram accounts, and well, sometimes indulge in a motivational blog post ;).  Sometimes we are seeking answers in outside sources when the response lies right here, within ourselves.  Put more faith in your ideas, your beliefs, and values.  Have more faith in your ability to make your own decisions.  At the end of the day, nobody else can feel for you and what matters is how you feel about your choices.

Need help on knowing where to start the listening? Here are some tips:

1. Spend Time Alone

Cherish the moments you have alone.  These are the times when you can meditate as you reflect on where you are right here, right now and where you are going.  In these moments, you can set a clear vision for yourself and align yourself with your values and mission(s).

2. Question Your Reaons

Does your behavior reflect your values?  It not, why and what can you do to change?  These are important questions to ask with answers critical to this listening process.

3. Make Your Decisions

There will be outside influence regardless of your actions, but you have the chance to approve which ones you allow affect your choices.  It’s easy to say “make good choices” but what you really should be doing is making smart choices, choices that align with your end goal and reflect your values.


Author: Sophie

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