Motivational Monday: Seek Growth, Embrace Change

We don't exist just to be.  As simple as that phrase, it's a little more complex than that. 


What is one of the greatest features we have as living beings?  The ability to grow, change, and alter ourselves to adapt to our dynamic environments.  If we can accept that changes should occur, so they will.  Here are a few of my tips on seeking growth and embracing change:

  • Growing Wiser not Older: Age can only define you if you allow it to.  We can see this idea manifested in the numerous extraordinary feats accomplished by people of all ages– whether it be a 100 year-old running marathons or an 11 year-old graduating high school.  Don't focus on the years in your life but instead focus on the life in your years and the wisdom they have brought.
  • "You've changed" "I'd hope so": Many times people are criticized for acting 'different' or doing 'new' things.  While this criticism is worth acknowledging, what is even more important is the reason behind the change(s).  We have to understand that with our ability to grow so too do we have the ability to change.  Simply put, if it brings you one step closer to your ideal reality, change is good.  At first, some changes may frighten us or lead us to thinking that we are on the wrong path.  Once we recognize these changes as guides to our goals, we are awake and can reach our full potential.
  • Applaud Your Uniqueness: No one is meant to blend in a crowd.  So why allow this to be your case?  As you seek growth and embrace change, value yourself for your unique attributes.  Whether you are in your best state of being or still working on it, celebrate what sets you apart from the rest and you are well off to becoming the best version of yourself.

Author: Sophie

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