Motivational Monday: Be YOUR Best

If there is one thing we humans do best it’s comparing ourselves to each other. Do my shoes look as nice as hers? Does my job sound as accomplished as his? Am I as smart as them? Even when we’re trying not to make those comparisons, they happen. When they do, we lose focus on ourselves and turn our attention to a person and sadly, a comparison.

Imagine how much better you would be if you focused on being YOUR best and not the best. This is a state of mind I strive to be in everyday. Social media makes it really difficult to keep in line with this mission, but in fact it all starts from within. The second I stopped comparing myself, my achievements, and my possessions to other people’s, I felt 100 pounds lighter, 100 times happier, and overwhelmingly enamored with my life than before. I began to see life—most importantly, my life—in a new light.

Now with this mindset, I aim for self-improvement. My motivation? “Be better than you were yesterday” is the quote I live by. Make yourself your own competition. In doing so, you’ll set realistic goals. When days, months, weeks, and years go by, no matter what, you’ll be better than before. Comparing your present self to your past self can only do one thing: steer your life in the right direction. Learn from the past, live in the present, and leap into tomorrow with a positive attitude.

Don’t try to be the best—that’s subjective. Be YOUR best—that’s a guarantee!


Author: Sophie

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