Motivational Monday: Discomfort Fuels Development

When under high pressure, diamonds are formed. Like diamonds, we also have structures that are strengthened and developed after having undergone significant pressure. The uncomfortable situations that we experience not only cause us to feel pressure but they allow us to develop…to grow.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about individuals being placed in difficult situations and the impact those moments have on them—perhaps a reflection of my subconscious thoughts. After over 20 years since I have been living at home, I’ve relocated many states away from my comfort zone. And while moving was my choice and for the better, I have faced challenges and very simply, change.

Placed in a new environment, I’m learning to face the changes my move has brought along. I’m changing…developing from the present discomfort and into a stronger version of myself. Though some would run away from unfavorable situations, I think it’s important to stay and face discomfort while witnessing one’s own personal growth in those moments.

Simply put, discomfort fuels development. Don’t allow difficult situations to inhibit your ability to flourish.  Uncomfortable situations give you the chance to renew and improve yourself…

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Author: Sophie

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