Motivational Monday: Be the Light


Here’s a throwback post:

You know that person that always makes your day 100 times better as soon as you’re in their presence?  The one who radiates positivity everywhere?  Be that person.  To others around you, do not be the bad seed in the crowd but bloom.  Let only light and happiness into the world and the world will repay you immensely.

If you have ever hurt someone then you may know the feelings  of guilt and regret that follow your actions.  Don’t be the cause of the distress or sadness of anyone.  Instead, choose to radiate bright light onto the darkness of others.  Who knows, maybe you could be their hero that day, or just the reason they smile at least once that day.  Happiness drives happiness so imagine all of the possible positive outcomes of just one simple gesture of kindness.

May your best qualities bloom with the light you emit from your true self.  With this light, not only will you shine but so to will others, touched by your energy.   Do not be the reason someone has to question their self-worth or doubt themselves.  Be the reason someone is smiling, living in happiness and surrounded by light.  It may not be easy to shine in times of your own darkness but by just thinking positively, you are setting the stage for positive outcomes.

Be the light you wish to see in others and only light will surround you…


Author: Sophie

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2 thoughts

  1. This is so true, I really wish you get to know more and more are rewarding it can be just to be nice .
    It’s a cycle the more you share happiness, joy , Love , optimism the more are content with yourself, the more you fell stronger , richer better happier fulfilled it’s amazing its miraculous.

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