Modern-Day Communication Mistakes 

Whether it’s a text sent with no reply or a phone call reciprocated with a cowardly “What’s up” text, let’s face it, we live in a generation with poor communication skills. 

As someone who likes to talk and carry out spoken conversations, I find it hard to forego replying a text message or ignore a phone call. Tell me about your day. Enlighten me about your life. Would you prefer a phone call? I would. But it seems that the rest of phone users wouldn’t. Perhaps it’s a product of generational significance. While I consider myself to be versatile in my friendships, I equally find it difficult to place the blame on the “younger” generations for I find people older than me guilty of the same communication offenses. Of course, I’m even probably guilty myself.

There’s no good to bad mouthing a situation and expecting nothing but a sense of relief from unveiling my concerns. Therefore, I’d like to challenge everyone reading this post. I challenge you to assess your communication skills over the course of this weekend. Are there conversations you’re missing out of from your inaction or ignorance? Find out and let me know how the challenge presents itself…  



Author: Sophie

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