GOOD FOOD: Washington D.C. Edition

As promised, I am introducing my first ever GOOD FOOD post.  The first food-related post will feature several of my favorite spots to eat in Washington, DC.  The U.S. capital had a lot to offer in terms of diverse food.  There was certainly no shortage of tasty food throughout the district.  Here are some spots and foods that are worth checking out:


Pho at Pho Viet

PHO-nomenal!!! This was my first time trying the Vietnamese dish and I enjoyed it.  While I opted for a plain flavored bowl, my friends added hot sauce to theirs and equally enjoyed it.  My pho had pieces of beef, vegetables, and rice noodles.  I was told that I wouldn’t be able to finish they bowl in one sitting…they were right! So good!


  Seafood Paella at Barcelona Wine Bar

Yes, this was definitely one of those “treat yourself” meals as it was on the pricey end.  But I enjoyed and shared this delicious paella with a friend and yes, we ate ALL OF IT.  Clams, mussels, and calamari adorn this wonderful platter.  Paired with the right wine and perfect ambiance, this was an unforgettably amazing meal!


Chicken and Rice at Nando’s

Yum!! What made this meal amazing was the array of sauces you had the option of pairing it with. At Nando’s, you not only get to pick your meal, but you get to pick the seasoning!  I love the creativity that this allows.  Also, this is an incentive to go back and try more of their Afro-Portuguese inspired meals!


Chicken Pot Pie at Elephant and Castles

I’ve never been a fan of chicken pot pie (or vegetables, really) but this changed the game!  I was out dining with friends and decided to order this.  At the waiter’s surprise, I asked for a side of fries and got exactly that.  The chicken pot pie was warm, delicious, and overall AMAZING comfort food.  I’d go back and order it again…


Steak and Fries at Romeo and Juliet

Yes, as you know by now, I love my fries.  And they certainly complimented this juicy, tender steak.  I had this meal a while back but I still remember how great it was.  I am not sure about the sauce on the side, but I do recall it being a great buttery compliment to my well-done steak!  Oh and did I mention the mimosa specials?  I didn’t indulge myself but I know others who enjoyed theirs 😉


Flaming Ice Cream Cake at Mintwood Place

So we first had dinner at Mintwood Place’s sister restaurant, Perry’s, but once we spotted this on Mintwood Place’s dessert menu, WE HAD TO COME BACK.  This was a flaming ice cream cake with a raspberry center.  I think we let the cake burn too long, in an attempt to get the right video/picture..but it was a very unique dessert that my friends and I all enjoyed.  It was a fun cake and I wish I remembered its given name but I can’t so for now we’ll call it flaming ice cream cake?


Author: Sophie

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