Motivational Monday: Special Edition

So you’re probably wondering, what makes this week’s Motivational Monday ‘special’ right?  Well, wonder no more.  This week, I will be celebrating my birthday.  I’m celebrating my years of living and hoping for a lifetime  of love and happiness to follow.

Around this time of  year, I’m always more reflexive than usual– and yes, I’m a pretty pensive person to begin with (woah! alliteration).  I really wanted this post to be informal and what makes it truly special is exactly that.  I’m going to list one of my biggest goals for this year, just by writing freely what comes to mind.

This year I hope to be more WISE.  I want the wisdom to accept that I am human, which implies that I will have to accept my own  imperfection, weakness, and inability to control everything around me.  While I’m a big advocate of transforming the bad things into good,  I also have to understand that there are some factors that are out of my control.

I think once I accept that, I’ll learn to carry less blame for what I can’t accomplish and focus on the aspects of my life which I can and should influence.  I hope this wisdom will play a role in my everyday actions, revealing itself in my thoughts and ways of carrying them out.

Here’s to another year of life and another year wiser!


Author: Sophie

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