Adventures in the Air 

Would you believe me if I told you airports are on my list of favorite places? Something about airports is so enticing. Perhaps, the same spirit of adventure that surrounds me lights up within me. The internal spark strengthened by the various languages and accents I hear. I’m intrigued, trying to guess where everybody is from…where everybody is going.

We’re all travelers today. While everyday we carry on our ordinary lives, in this moment we share the characteristic of being in transition. Some of us are leaving for a while and some just taking short trips. Besides the feeling of adventure, I also feel a sense of unity: a bond with my fellow travelers.

I’ll probably never see these individuals again. Maybe that’s why I cherish every moment spent at airports. They are fleeting. And I am thankful for the few hours I spend with them. Everyone time I place myself in such an environment, I grow because I learn. I’m a silent observer but I watch and listen.

Perhaps I take this whole “going to the airport” thing too seriously but I can’t help but be passionate in every situation I am placed.

Where to next? I’ll figure that out soon but feel free to comment reactions to this post below…

Photo taken en route to Haiti 


Author: Sophie

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2 thoughts

  1. I like to hear that from you , the love to see people around you is where “people skill” starts- an indispensable skill that your generation is loosing because of those super smart phones, pads, etc that keep us content with ourself.
    Because of those social Networks claiming to reunite us, but instead are in fact isolating us from the reality, depriving us from the warm feeling of talking , listening each other.
    I sincerly hope that one day this fundamental human need to remain in society and bond with each other WILL START AGAIN- I see coming a crusade to leave away those emojies, instagrams, snapchats because they can’t and willnever replace true emotions.
    Love you MOM

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