Motivational Monday: 3 Ways to Stay Positive

In a world where reality means defeat, sadness, and failures, how can one stay positive? Here are some ways you can stay positive and on the right track:


  1. See Positivity

By trying and trying again


True defeat is the act of not trying when you can create another chance for yourself. If many people realized this, they would see their failures as opportunities for growth. Remember your motivations and ambitions. Do not let them die and keep trying your personal best.


  1. Seek Positivity

By looking for help


Find yourself mentors, peers, and supportive friends. The people around you should surround you with inspiration. Keep a positive atmosphere that will nurture growth. Your mindset will start reflecting your surroundings. Positivity, while it is out in the open, does not always find us. Life is not easy and therefore, obtaining optimism is a challenge. Make it your mission to seek the good in everyone and bring out the good in yourself.


  1. Create Positivity

By remembering/altering your goals


People change…and so do goals. Have yours? Perhaps, you are running in circles instead of forward because you have internal conflicts leading to changing ambitions. Remind yourself of the origins of your actions. If the same goals still remain, figure out what is weakening your grip on them. Should you keep the same goals? Well, if you believe that you are growing and evolving daily, no. Take the time to know yourself and how to bring about optimism in your life!


Photo taken at Dublin Castle


Author: Sophie

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