Motivational Monday: Keep it Real

Lying to yourself probably causes more damage than any other type of fabrication.

Ever told yourself something so false that even your own self couldn’t believe it? Well quite often, I think we happen to disappoint ourselves by not meeting our own expectations. The reason being that we happened to believe in our lies. We lie to ourselves thinking we will complete a task for example—only to be let down when that said occurrence does not occur.

Keep it real.

The one person you should at least be truthful with is YOU. It’s easier to lie to yourself than to others because why would you not trust in your own flawless instincts? So it’s easy to accept your lies, while you remain in denial about them being lies… not knowing that this possibility is not as far-fetched as you may think.

You may have blamed yourself many times for shortcomings or “inadequacies” but in reality your guilty of another offense: lying to yourself. If there is one thing you decide to accomplish this year, be true to who you are. This includes honesty over flattery, reality over fiction, and truth over lies. Let this be the year of becoming the best version of yourself all while keeping it real and not disappointing yourself.



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Author: Sophie

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