Motivational Monday: 3 Thoughts On The New Year

1.  It’s Not the End

While we usually celebrate the New Year as “the end” of the year, we must also remember that it’s more than that.  The New Year also signals the start of another year!   So with that being said, what are YOU going to do about that?  Are you going to seize the opportunity to renew yourself?  You should!  This is the time to set goals for the coming months.


2. Look back and Move Forward

Perhaps a great way to start setting new goals is by reflecting on your past.  Dare to look back on your shortcomings and mistakes, take notes, and move on!  It’s really that simple.  During this time, you have the chance to learn from your mistakes and how to prevent them.  What’s in the past is in the past but a reflection can surely help you move forward.


3. Celebrate Life

Well, no matter how your year has been, it’s now going to be the past.  Try not to linger and think too much about this year’s negatives.  Instead, celebrate this successful year in the life of (Your Name Here)!  You lived to tell the story and that’s what counts.  The year has passed and here you are: a living and breathing testament to success.  Yes, indeed life is an accomplishment and to be alive is a gift.  Celebrate this year…celebrate YOURSELF!


Author: Sophie

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