Motivational Monday: Where is the Love?

The way things are going in the world makes it hard for me to believe that all human beings are capable of loving.  Yet somehow, I still have hope.  We must exist for a greater purpose.  I think– in my hopeful mind– that in order for us to recognize how to keep the love alive, we need to understand what kills it.  If we can understand why love dies, then we can certainly prevent the end of such a beautiful human trait.

How does love die?

Love, like a precious living being, dies when it is not in a stable environment to thrive and flourish. Empowered by narrow-minded thoughts, envy, and hateful language, hate (love’s evil counterpart) not only exists but succeeds in eliminating the sense of love that we are destined to carry in our hearts…


So with that excerpt from my upcoming blog post, I ask you, where is the love you can contribute to the world?  What motivates you to keep going?  In answering these questions, I hope that you too will find that life and love are eternally coexistent.



Author: Sophie

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