Motivational Monday: Courage

3 Crucial Things to Know about Courage

    1.  Courage starts from within

Only YOU have the power to empower yourself.  Being courageous includes standing up to fears and having the strength to overcome difficulties.  You must build your own strength– the strength to persevere and succeed.  How?  Stay positive, challenge yourself, and above all else, keep moving forward, don’t look back.

2. Courage is fearlessness

Bring yourself to accepting the idea that fear is psychological, intangible, and cannot reach you unless you allow it to.  Your mindset can drive fearlessness; control it to do so.  Once in control of your fears, you will notice, what fears do you have?  None.  Only illusions that confuse your positive thoughts and occupy your mind.

     3.  Courage drives courage

When you have accepted courage in your life, the successes from this acceptance will prove themselves worthy.  You will continue to be brave in your endeavors.  Try that new workout, apply for that competitive scholarship, or even walk up and initiate a conversation with a stranger.

Do not be afraid to be yourself, be courageous in your thoughts and actions, and empower yourself to be the best YOU that you can be!







Author: Sophie

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