Motivational Monday: Reflect & Recharge

Sometimes the same people you look to for guidance, help, or motivation, also need support. Thank you to all of you for taking the time and reading my Motivational Monday posts. I am hopeful that these posts have and will continue to bring light into your lives. I know how important motivation can be in the lives of other and I also need some motivation at times. No other time has that been more apparent than these past few days, where the world I live in has lost the perfect image I wish it could represent.

I have taken the past few days of sadness and grief to reflect on my values and to recharge, hoping to bring this energy of renewal back to those I encounter in my life (in person or via WordPress post). The world, with all of the unfortunate events going on in it, needs us. Life can take a toll on our good spirits, kind hearts, and loving tendencies. We need to refresh ourselves so that we can learn and practice our values. A flawed world can only exist with a flawed structure and we are that structure. We must change ourselves, maybe take our mindsets back to the basics: love one another, care for one another.

Grateful for our ability to refresh, I know we can each evolve, adapt and alter ourselves to become better fits in this imperfect but beautiful world…


Author: Sophie

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