Motivational Monday: Make Peace with Yourself


A great way to learn about making peace is through making peace with yourself.  Making peace with yourself involves accepting that you are human, imperfect and that within the complex being that you are, there will be conflicts.  After this understanding, you may find that there are some parts in you that you would like to change– parts that you are in conflict with.

So you know your flaws, what’s next?  Now, it’s time to resolve your internal conflicts and to make peace with yourself.  It’s time to accept who you are.  When you have found  this peace with yourself, you are ready to be at peace with your surroundings.

Make peace with yourself before attempting to make peace with others.  If you can find harmony within your own home, you can find it elsewhere. Otherwise, if you cannot make peace with your own self, it will be difficult to at peace with the world around you.  At peace with yourself, there is almost nothing you can’t achieve!

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Author: Sophie

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