Motivational Monday: Don’t Forget Who You Are


Summer hiking in Ireland

            No matter how far you get in life, always remember one thing: who you are. The person you are, although you’ve changed over time, owes success to your beginnings—the foundation that led you to those successes. In life, it’s important to stay humble, remember your journey, your values and don’t lose them to the values of others.

Reflecting on where you came and your past can lead to memories becoming life lessons and guidelines. Remembering your journey will allow you to understand what hard work truly is and if you have overcome some struggles, it will remind you that perseverance always wins.

An important part of knowing who you are relates to knowing your values, what you stand for. If you have firm beliefs, do not let the values of others overpower those beliefs. Do not let standards of others become your standards. You have your own background, your own reasons to move forward and a past to help you do so.

In this big world, full of different ideas, characters and ways of life, don’t forget where you came from. Don’t surrender to the values of others. Do not forget who you are.


Author: Sophie

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