Motivational Monday: Pursue Your Passion

Waking up every morning, are you motivated and ready for whatever the day will bring? Good. If not, then it’s time to pursue your passion!

Many times I read quotes or statements about “finding your passion” but I am left to wonder what that means…what it entails. Actually, sometimes it is not about finding your passion but letting your passion find you. Once you know your passion, be proud of it. Be prepared to stand strong in affirmation of your passion, so know it and know why you love it. In life, you will find doubters, nonbelievers, and skeptics that will argue against your dreams and goals– so be prepared. Start doing your research, talk to others with similar motivations and get to explore your passion firsthand– the best way of truly knowing your passion is by pursuing it and acting upon it.

When I first think of the word passion, I think of an abstract, passive and perhaps even a dream-like construct. But after you have pursued and found your passion, it is what you do with that passion that will propel you forward into your goals and dreams. A great way to start figuring out what you are passionate about is by noticing patterns in what you like, who you admire and what you aspire to do in the future.

I am lucky to have found my passion in traveling, which I cannot stop dreaming of nor stop planning to do more of. To me, traveling is something that I knew I loved even before I started planning trips– from the moment I first stared at classroom maps in grade school! What are you passionate about?

Paris, France in Spring


Author: Sophie

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