Motivational Monday: Don’t Go with the Flow

It’s so easy to get carried away with the crowd.  But being different and defining yourself with those differences makes all the difference.  Stop moving with the masses and learn to stop going with the flow.  Be yourself, stay unique, take risky turns and dive deeper into new challenges.

With influences from the media, your social media, and peers, you may lose sight of yourself and your mission in life.  Be focused and stay driven.  Keep reminding yourself of your values– the things that you have passions for.   Those are the same things that define you and your priorities should be based on them.

Given that you don’t lose yourself, you’ll also be unique.  If you don’t go with the flow, there will always be something in you that makes you different from the rest.  This makes you stand out from the crowd.  Your differences can bring you to exactly where you want to be.

If you stay different and divert by taking a risky turn, chances are, you’re increasing your chances at whatever you want to achieve.  Nothing invented was a product of going with the flow.  So why should you stay in one spot all the time and not venture off into new possibilities?  Dive deeper into unfamiliar places and who knows what’s waiting out there for you…


Author: Sophie

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