Motivational Monday: Plan it Out

When you make plans for life, it’s important to keep several things in mind.  Are your plans for short term or long term goals?  What are the possible outcomes of each plan?  Do you have a plan B?  A plan C?  All of these things are important to consider when you decide to create a plan for your goals.

A lot of people have the tendency to ‘go with the flow’, or decide to have a mentality of just going along with things.  Even though those people could get great results and unexpected success, there’s a better way to guarantee success.  It’s all about mapping it out.  Figure out your priorities and base your choices and plans off of them.

Think of tomorrow, what are your goals for tomorrow?  Think about next week and so on. Eventually, after careful thought, you’ll have a list of short term and long term goals that can be turned into plans and then into reality.  Remember that life doesn’t always go as planned so think of all the possible outcomes (good and bad) for each plan.  I like to think positive  but I also like to be a realist.  Use the idea of preparing for a storm but expecting sunshine.  Be ready to face obstacles but hope for success.

Once you have your plans mapped out, it’s time to prioritize them in order of possibility.  Plan A should be a dream, something you hope to achieve but if it doesn’t work out, you have backup plans to make up for it.  Plan B should be a realistic, attainable goal.  In case Plan A doesn’t come through, plan B should have better chances of working.  Finally, Plan C should be like Plan B, a realistic goal, maybe even more realistic and possible than Plan B.  If it takes more than three plans for your dreams to be achieved, then maybe you should re-prioritize your goals.  It could be that you have your long term goals confused for short term goals– expecting too much too soon.  Take the time to know your strengths and weaknesses; this is important in making plans.

Planning out your goals towards success is a way to organize your life.  With order and direction, there’s a small chance for disorder and chaos.  Don’t be stubborn and be flexible in planning things out!  You can do it, all you have to do is set your mind to it and plan it out.


Author: Sophie

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