Motivational Monday (LATE POST): Reach for the Stars

The sky, is it really the limit? Or can you reach beyond it, past your own boundaries and into your wildest dreams? You need to realize that with will, anything is possible. Start looking beyond what is right in front of you and begin envisioning what is out there, beyond your reach. Don’t be afraid to test your limits, to succeed, to fall, and to get back up. Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars.

You can only go as far as you allow yourself to go. This means that YOU are your only obstacle. You are the only thing standing between you and your biggest dreams. Instead of thinking “I can’t” embrace the “I can and I will” mentality. You think you can…and therefore you shall. Take your life into your own hands. Do not let your mind trick you into thinking that what is before you is all that is there. Open your eyes to the new possibilities. Learn to recognize your dreams and to see the unseen: the triumph, awaiting you ahead.

To reach for the stars you have to let go of your fears. It’s okay to feel scared, to feel vulnerable to possible failure. Don’t be afraid of heights; don’t be afraid of falling. Nothing worthy comes easy. Go out of your boundaries and reach. Reach for the unseen—the possibility of obtaining fulfilling your dreams. Your dreams are there, just hidden among the stars. They’re hidden among the frightful unknown.

So the only thing left to do is to decide. Decide to push your limits. Choose to NOT be the barrier in your life. To reach for your dreams is not being unrealistic. It is being positive! Live outside your restrains, don’t be afraid of falling, and go ahead, reach for the stars…


Author: Sophie

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