Motivational Monday: Breathe, Take a Break

Life sometimes rushes by so fast that we forget the purpose behind the things we are doing.  Why are we here where we are?  When we get to these busy times, this is when we need to stop, breathe and take a break the most.  This is the time to conduct our personal analysis of ourselves and our lives.  During this moment,  we can reflect on our failures, successes, and figure out what things we need to change in our environment or within ourselves to improve.

Taking a break is very important.  Think about an athlete training for hours without a single break.  It’s possible.  But will the results be as effective as if he/she had taken some time off?  Or will he/she burn out of energy and lose the drive to succeed in the process?  This can be compared to anybody striving towards a goal: a desired end.  With some free time to breathe and think clearly, you can realize so many things that would have been rushing past you otherwise.

Don’t be afraid to take a break.  In our busy world today, so many people are workaholics and live by the “time is money” mentality.  If time is so important, then why not cherish it and make some free time for yourself?  Any time spent on relaxing to better yourself is not time wasted.  Breathe, take a break and learn to refocus your attention towards your dreams!


Author: Sophie

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