Motivational Monday: Wake Up Call

Ever find yourself stranded in the middle of your problems, not knowing which way to go?  At some point in our lives, we sometimes find ourselves lost and confused.  We aren’t sure that our lives are going the way we want them to.  Every single plan that we had sketched out has crumbled under the pressures and changes of life.  And then, as everything is slowly turning against you, you get a wake up call.  No, it’s not the time to cringe or fear but the time to stop, reevaluate your values and move forward.

This wake up call could be anything: a less than expected test grade, failed relationship, or even a loss sense of yourself.  If you have had high points in your life, that’s because you know what it’s like to feel low.  Therefore, you definitely have had some wake up calls.  What really matters is the way you respond to them. Are you going to let the call break down your day or are you going to listen to it and act on it?

If you let this moment hurt you, you are going to feel like a failure, feel down and in despair.  You will feel like there is no way for you to dig yourself out of this mess.  That is the pessimistic approach.  But if you take a moment to breathe, relax, and reflect on life’s calls, then you will feel that you have power over your choices, the decision to overcome everything that stands in between you and your goals.  Be optimistic and welcoming to shifts and changes.

Be ever grateful for wake up calls in life.  They bring alertness and awareness to your weaknesses and downfalls.  They remind you that you have to change somethings to progress.  Don’t be afraid of difficult times because they will make you stronger and bring you closer to the best you that you can be.  These times are simply warnings that tell you to, “Wake up, recharge and be better”.


Author: Sophie

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