Motivational Monday: BE BOLD (LATE POST)

You have senses: different ways to experience the world and endless possibilities. Be a citizen of the world.  Travel, explore, and try new things.  Do not retreat to the background of your world but be front and center: be bold.

Being bold is not only about scuba diving or even skydiving.  It’s about making your life a statement, giving your life a deeper a meaning.  Try new foods, visit unexplored places, meet new people and make unforgettable memories.  If you want to be bold, all you’ve got to do is step out of your house.  Step out of your bubble and into the environment around you.  You’ll learn soon enough that the outside world is welcoming to a curious mind.  Curiosity drives boldness.  Your curious mind tells you to not be stagnant and to learn new ways of living.  In thinking about this idea I refer to a saying, “You ask and therefore you will learn.”  A curious mind learns the most because a curious mind is bold enough to think and to be outside of the box.

Part of being bold is allowing the world to define you.  What are your likes?  What’s your dream vacation? What is your favorite food?  The way you see, hear, taste, feel, and smell the things around you is your identity.  You become what you surround yourself with.  Being bold is letting go of the conventional and learning to accept the way your senses make you feel.  Be present in the world, do not just exist but be active, moving and evolving with it.  Let your senses take over and see how far you can take yourself by surrendering to the wonders around you.

Be bold in the way you express yourself.  Find something you admire and stand for it.  Stand your ground and be ready to face your opposition.  Be bold and defend your values with all your heart.  Everything you do should be with conviction. Even if you are surrounded by people that don’t share your beliefs, as long as you believe in what you do, be bold and do it. But you don’t reject different opinions.  Be bold enough to leave your comfort zone and to understand how others think and live. Accepting others the way you accept yourself is part of being bold.

The ways through which you can be present in the world are endless.  Your senses can take you far, very far.  Don’t settle for survival but strive for a successful life- a life full of memories, places, people, and cultures.  You have the possibility to explore.  Do it. Explore your surroundings.  Discover yourself.  Experience through others.  Stand strong for your beliefs. And most importantly, be bold.



Author: Sophie

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