Motivational Monday: Thank You World

As I approach celebrating another year of being on this Earth, I look back and reflect on how I have met so many great people in my life that have shared some amazing moments with me.  I cannot help but be thankful for the impact every single soul has had on me.  Everyone that I have met is somehow part of who I am today.   I am simply thankful to be happy with my life and all who are or have been by my side.

No matter the way in which someone has affected me, I am grateful that his or her presence has left a mark on me.  The person I am today would not be possible without all of the places I’ve been to and people I have met. The world has been great to me and I fondly look forward to everything else it has to offer.  My life is a puzzle waiting to be completed and I am in no rush.  Meanwhile, as time passes and I grow older and wiser, I will sit back, relax and enjoy the view and cherish all those who share it with me.

Thank you to everyone who has and continue to walk along my side on this path of life.  Thank you world for being so rich in beauty and greatness. Thank you, thank you, thank you…


Author: Sophie

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