Motivational Monday: Keep It Simple…

How much easier is life when it is kept simple? It is much easier to live a simple life than to live in excess. Keeping it simple allows you to appreciate everything for what it really is and not what everything seems to be. When you are simple, you live easier and happier—happier because your life is effortless, easy-going and pure. We are living in a world of excesses that blind us from the true meaning of happiness. In order to appreciate life and all that it offers, we should keep it simple and be happy with everything we have in life.

Simple is easy to be. A simple life is one that is easy, unforced even natural. When everything is easier and so effortless, I have noticed that is when one finds him or herself the happiest. In other words, a simple person is a happy person. Subtract anything superfluous in your life, any complications, and notice how undemanding life truly is. If you have the chance to compare your life with and without the extras, you will notice one thing in particular. You will notice that the more simple your life is, the less stress and worries you have. As great as they can be, the “accessories” we have in life, such as the nicest cars, clothes, or things in general, are indirectly stress factors.

Our basic human nature was originally created for two main purposes: to survive and to reproduce. We were not made to learn to deal with all of the additional things we have to live with today. Today, we live in a world where it is difficult to keep it simple. We are drawn to the latest inventions, the latest fashion, or even the latest ways of living. To live simply is a great challenge to us. But we need to learn how to step back and get back to basics. Not only do our cherished additions not benefit us but they can also hurt us.

Here we are, surrounded by everything we could possibly need and want.   Without realizing it, we have left our excesses take over our lives to the point that they become stressful. Why? Because when we live in excess and without simplicity, we are pushing our limits. We become the selfish people that we are, dependent on our accessories. Our reliance on these things starts to have negative impacts on us. Our superfluous things become a burden to us, an extra weight that we could easily do without.

To leave behind our “beloved” accessories is freeing our selves—freeing our selves from the weight that they bring and the stress that they cause. At the same time, when we keep it simple, we live an easy, happy life. Without even having to try, we find peace within our selves and our surroundings. Let go of the stresses that hold you down, that hold you back. Keep your life simple and most importantly, keep yourself happy, stress-free, and appreciative of everything that life has to offer.





Author: Sophie

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