The Culture of Self: Me Myself & I

I was just thinking about the society we live in and the culture of self that defines it. Just think: in a day, how often do you hear “I” and “my” as opposed to “we” and “our”? Our society is centered around the self, the things we possess, and the individual. When are we going to realize that multiple “I’s” make up the big picture of society? It definitely takes more than just one person to, as they say, make the world go round. But somehow our culture idolizes the self, suggesting we be selfish and self-interested.  Loving yourself is very different from being self-interested. A self-interested individual does not only love him/herself but he/she lives in a world all about him/her. This person has the wrong idea that the world is centered around him/her. Wrong.


To be continued . . .


Author: Sophie

Coming soon...

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