Motivational Monday: Go and Let Go

Attachments are the main reasons why we find ourselves sad and stuck, frozen in the past. We hold on to the memories, people, and things (good and bad) that have shaped our lives somehow. The problem with our natural way of attaching to these things occurs when we attach to the wrong things. Learning to move on and let go of anything that weighs us down is essential to finding true happiness.

So of course, we all have had those wonderful times in our lives: the times we replay over and over in our heads—the ones we never want to forget but want to hold onto. That’s great. One of the best feelings in the world is looking back at the past and reliving its highlights. What about the bad times? Well, that is the problem. We forget to sort out the bad from the good and we find ourselves replaying the bad moments in our head. These are the memories we should pack up and ship somewhere far far away from our mind. How could we be ready and eager for tomorrow if we are still living in the dark times of yesterday? We can’t. It is difficult if not possible to start moving on into the happy days unless we let go of the crushing attachments of the past.

The concept of attachment and letting go was taught to me in an Asian philosophy course. In this class, I learned about the natural tendency of humans to attach and fear letting go. Attachments, according to what I have learned, are at the root of suffering, anxiety, even depression. The fact that we cannot go and let go of these attachments allows us to relive whatever caused the attachments in the first place. Do you want to relive those bad memories? You want to stay stuck in the past, unable to step forward as you replay those unfortunate times in your mind? Nobody should want that. Being hurt is one thing but being the source of your own pain should never be the case. You have the control: the ability to go and let go of anything that weighs you down, that holds you back, or that doesn’t help you in any way. People included.

Yes, people can be weights. People are just as capable of being attachments as your memories are. Without realizing it, you probably occasionally have that one person in your mind with whom you had an argument or just a fall out. Of course, when it just happens, you cannot easily move on or simply forget. The thoughts are haunting. Everything reminds you of that person. But you are not made to exist in the past. You are made to evolve, grow, and just go! Take the first step of admitting that you need to let go and just do it. Just imagine your life without the person and how much more free you would be without an attachment to this person or the memory of them.

Life is constant and ever changing, created for change and not stagnation. And you, as part of life, are too. You need to go and let go. Remember that change is natural and totally normal. Let go of anything that hurts you or does no good to you. You will feel so much happier with these weights of your back. Happy, free, and ready for tomorrow, that is how you will be when you learn to go and let go.

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