Motivational Monday: Flawless


Take a look at your body. Do you see any scars, imperfections, uneven toning, any flaws? Your answer is most likely YES.  We are humans and we are not perfect.  So then how can we call ourselves flawless: one without flaws?

Those scars, marks, or misplaced lines on your body are not flaws. They are stories, definitions, and reflections of the person you have been and are today. To us, they seem to be flaws but they are not; they are part of an illusion. We shouldn’t call them flaws because they are not mistakes. Your ‘flaws’ or marks should be celebrated. They are your gold medals, your trophies, your signs of triumphs.  Be happy that you have these so called ‘marks’ that set you apart from the rest- that prove that you have not only existed but that you have lived and triumphed.

So there. You are flawless. Every single ‘flaw’ that you know about yourself is not a flaw at all. You have zero flaws just stories to tell.  Go ahead, celebrate them, celebrate your life. You have no reason to reject or deny these signs of strength.  The parts of you that you once considered flawed are the same parts that say: I came, I saw, I conquered. They are NOT your flaws but they are signs of your success.

Take a look at your body. Do you see any flaws? Nope! You have absolutely no flaws; you’re just marked by signs of a life well-lived and battles triumphantly won.  So the answer is no, you have no flaws.  You ARE flawless!


Author: Sophie

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